Reading: The Heartbeat of the Sun

A reading of a new play by Melissa Lucero McCarl

Bea and Althea are professional actors who met early in their careers and remain steadfast friends for 50 years. Now in their 80s, they are making good on a promise to spend their twilight years together at the Casa Verdi Home for Retired Artists using wit and humor to adjust to senior living. The play pulls back the curtain on the hardships, absurdities, and glories of being a performing artist and celebrates the act of bearing witness to each other’s lives. Starring Billie McBride and Anne Oberbroeckling.

Co-presented by CCT and the Mizel Arts & Culture Center

All proceeds benefit the Denver Actors Fund

The Denver Actors Fund is a source of immediate assistance when members of the Colorado theater community find themselves in situational medical need. The Denver Actors Fund offers both financial and practical volunteer assistance.