A Moon for the Misbegotten

“There’s only tonight, and the moon, and us – and the bonded Bourbon.”

Winter Roundup Pick! — Westword
“Highly Recommendable!” — The Denver Gazette
“Acting shines in Moon… Anchoring performances demand special attention” — The Denver Post

The Hogan family is barely scraping by on their meager tenant farm in the years following the Great War and Spanish Flu pandemic. When Josie and her father, roughened by loss and the land, catch wind that their farm is at risk of being sold out from under them, they conspire to blackmail rich landowner Jim Tyrone. Moonshine flows, hearts spill, and truths reveal a powerful elegy of humanity, grief, and loneliness. Four-time Pulitzer Prize-winner and Nobel laureate Eugene O’Neill’s bittersweet A Moon for the Misbegotten “is singular within its author’s body of work for its forgiving spirit” (The New York Times).

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